It’s (Michael) Mann-made global warming! Get up to speed with these must-have links.

Hide the Decline! “Mike’s nature trick” explained.

Watts Up With That?
– Meteorologist Anthony Watts is your best bet for breaking developments explained in layman’s language.

Three things you absolutely must know about Climategate.

“The fix is in.” Best summary yet of the corruption of peer review, at Real Clear Politics.

The Wall Street Journal takes the gloves off.

Rush Limbaugh: The Universe Of Lies vs. The Universe Of Reality

The Hockey Stick Peer Review Gauntlet

The CRU code explained.

Climate Audit– Steve McIntyre’s site. Steve is the guy that filed those pesky Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) requests of “The Team” over the past 8 years.

James Hansen: The Bernie Madoff Of Climate Science

Text Of The Copenhagen Treaty (Must Read.)

Obama And Al Gore: Cashing In On Climate Change

The MSM Tries To Ignore Climategate…Readers Bring Them Back To Reality!

Surface Stations
temperature station auditing project – Is the U.S. surface temperature record reliable? No.

The CRU emails in a searchable format.

Charlie Martin at Pajamas Media has a very good analysis..

The Hockey Stick was never accurate–and CRU knew it

The Yamal Implosion – a saga uncovering the “cherry-picking” by “The Team”…an all out effort by CRU scientists to save the “hockey stick”. Long, but a must read.

Al Gore: Carbon Billionaire

The Harry_Read_Me.txt file
– the world’s most frustrated Fortran programmer, in his own expletives.

Powerline: narratives from the emails.

Why You Should Be Hot And Bothered About Climategate.

What happens when you run the climate models? Analysis of the code (funny!).

The CEI Files Suit Against NASA

Climategate: How They All Squirmed- James Dellingpole

Freedom of Information Denied“This is an attack on the heart of science.”

Lord Monckton: “They Are Criminals”

Obama’s Science Czar John Holdren–yep he’s involved.

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