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URGENT! Obama and his minions at his Organizing For America will be canvassing neighborhoods this weekend to drum up support for Obamacare. We here at Right Soup have been urging you on to action by calling, writing and emailing your Representatives, and you are doing an awesome job. Keep it up, but it is time to take it to the next level.

One of Obama’s strengths in the election was his organization, and it has certainly not gone away. We have to fight back with equal actions…including one-on-one discussions with those in our neighborhoods.

Tea Party Patriots is urging everyone to start or join a neighborhood walk this weekend in support of HEALTH CARE FREEDOM. The document below has organization tips, talking points and action items. We MUST be willing to put our feet where our beliefs are; to get out of our comfort-zones and take back our country. It isn’t too late, but time is short and the future is at stake.

We want as many neighborhood walks as possible, but we also want to try to canvass the areas that Obama’s Organizing for America will be targeting! We went to their events page and found out where they will be canvassing. Click the link and find out what they are doing in your area. They certainly aren’t sitting around.

We are aiming to canvass the day, or hours, before they do so that voters can hear from BOTH sides of the health care issue. If you can organize a walk to preempt the OFA walkers, then great! If not, do the walk anyway! The important thing is to get out and walk, no matter when.

Don’t be discouraged by all of the action events you see on the Obama organizing website. Let them light a major fire under your feet. Tea Party Patriots continue to organize events and action alerts to combat ALL of the insanity coming from Washington.

If you haven’t already, PLEASE join us, sign up at Tea Party Patriots, and participate in the many ways we are fighting back. At the Tea Party Patriots site you’ll find an incredible wealth of resources, and true Patriots taking real action. This is not about Democrats or Republicans. It’s about freeing our country from a deadly tyranny, at one of the most critical times in her history.

Tea Party Patriots Neighborhood Walk for Health Care Freedom Resources

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