This weekend, “One Year Recall Rallies” were held by patriots and tea-partiers all across the nation. I had the honor of speaking to ours in Nashville, filled with dedicated conservatives sending “pink-slips” to Congressmen who have refused to act responsibly, ethically or in obedience to mandates from their constituents. Many of them will be coming home in 2010…and won’t be getting any more chances.

Social networking site Tea Party Nation is playing a key role in connecting conservatives across the country. Patriot groups have exploded in every state. Websites have exploded. Email servers in Washington are exploding. We are not in Kansas anymore.

The health care battle is far from over; the narrow margin that Pelosicare passed in the House is proof of the tenuous grasp liberal Democrats have on their own party. Barack Obama broke some arms and cut some deals on Saturday to get the bill through, just like we would expect a Chicago pol to do. That he can do it with a straight face is evidence of his naked ambition.

The Senate, however, is a whole new ballgame. Joe Lieberman isn’t gonna play ball with his former party. There will be huge pressure on the conference committee, who will try to merge Pelosicare with whatever comes out of the Senate. The “Public Option” is a big, big problem that could stop any final bill in it’s tracks. The Stupak amendment ensuring no federal funds would be spent on abortions was a huge shot over Pelosi’s bow. Red State’s Dan Perrin elaborates:

The desperate position the Speaker must have been in to have to accept the Stupak amendment should not be understated. She and her pro-abortion pals understand that Stupak was a huge step down the path of America becoming a pro-life nation. They have imposed upon themselves and their ilk a negative precedent which cannot be undone.

Dropping the Stupak amendment in conference, should the bill pass the Senate, which I doubt — will mean the conference report will fail on the House floor.

Just think of the desperation of the Speaker, to be FORCED to accept this political price. She pivoted on abortion, and decided the Stupak amendment was worth the price to pass the bill.

For the Jamestown Kool-aid brigade of Dems who voted with the Speaker who are from Red States — you will die a hard and agonizing political death of your own making. Whatever rationale you used to vote for this politically and fiscally toxic bill $3 Trillion spending ObamaCare bill — you are wrong and you are TOAST. (Here is the Congressional Budget Office letter on the $3 Trillion in spending number.)

This will all make for some must-watch CSPAN moments…too bad we can’t see the horse-trading that’s going on behind locked doors.

The nation is engaged as never before. The people have had enough. It’s not about the “R”, or the “D”, or the “X, Y or Z” after your name any more. It’s about whether you have a “C.”

In the video below, Daniel Henninger discusses the results of the November 3rd elections, where conservatives came back in a major way… and what they say about the state of American political leadership.

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