Norm Coleman conceded the contentious Minnesota Senate race to failed comedian Al Franken yesterday, after the Minnesota Supreme Court ruled Franken the winner. Franken’s win gives the Dems in the Senate a filibuster-proof, 60-seat majority. Just in time for cap and trade, universal health-care and a valiant attempt to audit the Federal Reserve are moving to crucial votes in our legislative bodies.

Cap and trade will finish off the bankrupting of our nation. Nancy Pelosi and the House Democrats followed an all-to-familiar playbook pulling 3 am shenanigans and twisting arms to reach the crucial 219 votes needed to pass the insane bill which, once again, no one read in it’s entirety before the vote. Click here for Right Soup’s “Cap and Trade Hit List” to see who to kick out of office come election time.

House Minority leader John Boehner illustrated how many federal agencies would be involved in the incredibly complicated scam, which will enrich GE while draining our economy.

Senate majority leader Harry Reid doesn’t quite have the muscle in his chamber that Pelosi has in the House, making Al Franken’s win all the more important.

Obama’s universal health-care plan has been sold as an idea which would continue to allow American’s the freedom to choose their doctors, and to opt out of the national plan if they want. This is another HUGE lie by a president who has become increasingly bold about lying. 6 states are now actively trying to pass legislation to allow them to opt out of the national plan.

Take a look at how well the public health-care system in Argentina (whose economic collapse in 2000 should be required study for all) is handling the H1N1 pandemic. They are swamped. Argentina’s health minister has resigned despite the growing swine flu epidemic, reportedly after failing to persuade the government to declare a health emergency. She also failed to persuade President Cristina Fernandez to declare an emergency over the spread of dengue fever this year, and lost battles with unions for control of social funds.
The two diseases have exposed shortcomings in Argentina’s public health system. Twenty-six people have died from swine flu, the most in South America. Do not think for a moment that this scenario couldn’t happen here in the future, if the government controls our health-care.

“Keep your distance from each other as you line up to vote.” Eerie. Al Franken’s win makes your voice and views all the more critical. Those of you who live in states with Democrat representatives are crucial to the fight. You know the drill. Contact your representatives now to tell them to vote NO on cap and trade, and NO to universal health care. These plans, if passed, will change our nation forever. They will not be able to be undone. We will be further enslaved to our government, and will not recognize the country and ideals we love so dearly.

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