April 29, 2009

Final Debate On Obama’s Budget Begins Shortly, Senate Vote Possible Tonight

“The Truth” by Michael D’Antuono, created in honor of Obama’s 100 day anniversary. It will be unveiled at at New York City’s Union Square. UPDATE: The House has just passed the conference bill. (11:16 am CT). Senate is the last stop before it hits Obama’s desk. Debate in the Senate continues; Sen. Judd Gregg is […]

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February 26, 2009

Full Text Of Obama’s Budget

Okay, Right Soupers, here’s the full text of Barack Obama’s OUTLINE for his budget. Of course, this is longer on the grandiose and shorter on the details, but it’s all the Dear Leader has given us right now. Obama says it is a budget that reflects “hard choices,” but of course that is silly. The […]

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February 25, 2009

The Thing That Ate America

This is becoming like watching one of those horror movies where the bad guy keeps coming back…with even more scary big government programs that have failed the American people time after time. Only this time WE ARE FLAT BROKE. Correction: only this time WE ARE IN A CHINESE DEBTOR’S PRISON. If you’re keeping score at […]

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