January 21, 2010

Right Sightings

Pelosi Says She Doesn’t Have Enough Votes To Pass Senate Healthcare: AP Dems Want ANOTHER Debt Limit Increase…Just $1.9 Trillion More: Yahoo Chavez Says A U.S. Earthquake Machine Caused Haiti Quake: ABC (Translation) HUGE Wave Of Mortgage Rate Re-Sets Coming Fast: Daily Reckoning Obama Poised To Give 200,000 Illegal Haitians “Protected Status”: Miami Herald No […]

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January 10, 2010

The Time is NOW.

It’s not too late, America…but it’s about 2 minutes until midnight. The first, historic, National Tea Party Convention is Feb 4-6th, here in Nashville. Tedddy Kennedy’s old Senate seat is up for grabs on January 19th, and if we pull together we could take it away from the liberals…and still stop Obamacare. Harry Reid and […]

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