July 14, 2009

Sotomayor Plays Softball

UPDATE 2:35pm CT: Senator John Kyl got into the very issue I expound on below, and things became heated quickly. He called her on her disingenuous characterizations of her speeches, Patrick Leahy got his panties in a wad, and gavelled an unexpected break in the hearing. As I expected, today’s continuing Senate confirmation hearings on […]

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May 28, 2009

Sonia Sotomayor: Second Amendment Doesn’t Apply To Individuals

Supreme court nominee Sonia Sotomayor is giving conservatives plenty of fodder for battling her confirmation. In addition to declaring that the courts are where policy is made, and the racist statement that a “wise Latina” such as herself would make better decisions than white males,” she is no fan of the Second Amendment. Sotomayor’s Princeton […]

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