December 19, 2009

Harry Reid Unveils His Plan: Bribe To Ben Nelson Works

UPDATE: The vote on this monster will be Monday morning at 1:00 AM ET. Who does business this way? Criminals. That’s who. Harry Reid and his clerks are currently reading his manager’s amendment health care plan on the floor of the Senate. Still no score on what this puppy will cost from the CBO, but […]

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November 19, 2009

Senate Health Care Bill’s Govt. Option Mandates Everyone Pay Monthly Abortion Fee

We’re still slogging our way through the Senate health care bill we got last night, but we just got a big heads up from John Boehner that everyone needs to see. Sen. Reid’s Government-Run Health Plan Requires a Monthly Abortion Fee Just like the original 2,032-page, government-run health care plan from Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA), […]

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November 18, 2009

Harry Reid Debuts New $849 Billion Senate Health Care Bill

Link to the bill at the bottom. Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) has been busy, busy, busy with his top-secret Senate health care bill. No one but Harry and the lobbyists who wrote it advised him have seen it until now. (Oh, and the Congressional Budget Office, which just revealed it will cost $849 billion dollars.) […]

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