January 29, 2010

Rush To Obama: “Let Me Be The Father You Never Had”

Rush hits the nail on the head with this heart-to-heart to Obama. There HAS to come a time when the American people wake up. Where Obama got applause last night during the SOTU he deserved absolute silence. It’s terrifying to have this incredible narcissist in charge of the country. Here’s an excerpt from Rush’s excellent […]

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March 4, 2009

Michael Steele Vs. Rush Round 3

RNC head Michael Steele is still yammering on about Rush Limbaugh, extending the story in the news cycle. The Cliff notes version: Rush goes to CPAC, gives awesome speech that goes over by more than an hour, CPAC loves Rush. In response, Michael Steele goes on D-list CNN program and disses Rush as “an entertainer”, […]

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March 2, 2009

Rush Spanks Michael Steele Back

Woah. I would call this a big ole catfight, except these are grown men taking major jabs at each other. On Saturday, RNC Chairman Michael Steele criticized Rush Limbaugh’s as “ugly” and “incendiary.” Although he did it on the “Red Eye” FAIL of CNN, the D.L. Hughley show…(painfully unfunny), the comments did not go unnoticed. […]

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March 1, 2009

CPAC 2009: Rush Limbaugh Speech – Video

Yesterday, on the final day of CPAC 2009, Rush Limbaugh was the close-out speaker. His message centered around what conservatives needed to focus on going forward, what not to focus on, why we need to avoid this proposed rebranding and repackaging of the GOP. Although his speech was set to go 30 minutes, Rush spoke […]

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February 1, 2009

Right Sightings

Barack Obama Hates White People And Wants Them To Die: Jammie Wearing Fool GOP Governors Are Sellouts: Beltway Blips A 40-Year Wish List- Or, Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste: WSJ The Rush Limbaugh Revival: Michelle Malkin/NYP Geithner And Daschle Fit Biden’s “Unpatriotic” Profile: A1A Here’s The REAL Unemployment Scoop: Layoff Daily If […]

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January 29, 2009

The Obama-Limbaugh Bi-Partisan Stimulus Plan

Rush Limbaugh and Barack Obama have been embroiled in a bit of a feud…with Obama telling people they shouldn’t listen to what Rush says, and Rush saying what we all know…the crazy spending of our tax dollars is the absolute worst way to fix our economy. Today in the Wall Street Journal, Rush is offering […]

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November 3, 2008

Obama Flips Off McCain: Video!

Barack Obama showed John McCain the international sign of “eff off for change” during his speech in Jacksonville, Fl. this morning. A mistake? Freudian slip? Intentional bullshizz? Only Barack knows for sure! It happened just as Obama said McCain’s name. See what YOU think! McCain shouldn’t feel TOO bad, Obama did it to Hillary during […]

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