February 9, 2009

Geithner To Ask For $1.3 Trillion For Banks Tomorrow

I know I told you Treasury Secretary Geithner was coming TODAY with his hat in hand, but because the Senate is still wrangling over Porkulus, he’s postponed his speech until tomorrow. Because, you know, it would look unseemly to ask the American taxpayers for $1.3 trillion MORE dollars for financial institutions on the same day […]

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February 6, 2009

$780 (plus) Billion Dollar “Deal” Reached In Senate- Live

Senate Democrats reached agreement with key Republicans Friday night on an economic stimulus measure at the heart of President Barack Obama’s plan for reviving the economy. And we are so screwed. Some officials put the cost of the measure at $780 billion in tax cuts and new spending combined. No details were immediately available, and […]

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