September 7, 2009

More Obama Propagandizing In School

These poor brainwashed kids are so young that it’s hard to make out some of what they’re chanting…but not the enthusiastic “Barack Hussein Obama” part! Just another example of the many ways the Dear Leader is ingratiating himself with our children. Tomorrow, Barry will give students a sanitized version of his hotly debated speech. Hopefully […]

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September 3, 2009

Obama Propaganda Books Your Child Is Expected To Read

Hat Tip: Reverend Pat Obama’s speech to the children of the land looms on September 8th. Many in the public are rightly wary of the teaching material, designed by the White House to assist kids in exploring most things Obama. Trust me, the speech itself will be a flowery, encouraging, innocuous sentiment from the Prez. […]

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September 2, 2009

Obama Wants Your Kid In His Cult

UPDATE: Whaddaya know– the White House has edited it’s “teaching materials” for the big Obama Youth speech. They’ve deleted the line about “helping the president” from teacher’s talking points after admitting they helped the Department of Education create the teaching tasks. Whitewashing…it’s the Obama way. Nothing else has changed, and the administration is hoping this […]

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