January 29, 2010

Rush To Obama: “Let Me Be The Father You Never Had”

Rush hits the nail on the head with this heart-to-heart to Obama. There HAS to come a time when the American people wake up. Where Obama got applause last night during the SOTU he deserved absolute silence. It’s terrifying to have this incredible narcissist in charge of the country. Here’s an excerpt from Rush’s excellent […]

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March 9, 2009

Obama’s Smear Machine Running Strong; Meanwhile…Geithner Still Has No Staff

The White House’s public priorities are seriously screwed up, having coordinated attacks on Rush Limbaugh with left-wing media, using the Rahmbo handbook. Politico reported late last week that the White House had quarterbacked “Operation Rushbo” as a means of demonizing Republicans, exactly the kind of political character assassination Barack Obama had campaigned against for the […]

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