February 10, 2010

Right Sightings

Tomorrow Is Iran’s “Stunning Punch” For The West; Threat Causing Concern In DC: KMOX Marvel Comics’ Captain America Says Tea Partiers “Dangerous, Racist”: Publius Obama’s Big Plans For Justice Nominee Johnsen: Big Government WSJ Predicts Global Market Crash: Market Watch Michelle Obama Plays The National Security Card: Michelle Malkin Oklahoma Firecracker Takes On Obama Eligibility: […]

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May 13, 2009

Obama’s About-Face On Detainee Abuse Pictures?

Today the media and the administration are saying that Obama has done a 180 and decided to fight the release of detainee abuse pictures…saying the actions would put our soldiers in harm’s way. The Pentagon put some serious pressure on Barry for his previous position, and the left is not going to be happy. Obama […]

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