February 19, 2009

Chicago Trader Rick Santelli Wins Today’s “Best Rant Against The Spending” Award: Poll!

I am STILL applauding Rick Santelli’s performance on BSNBC today, where he laid it out against the insanity of our government’s spending, and pulled zero punches. Standing O, bro. BE SURE TO VOTE IN THE POLL BELOW RICK’S CLIP! poll by twiigs.com

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February 18, 2009

Obama’s Housing Plan: Government Will Decide If You’ve Been “Responsible”

Barry revealed his plan to socialize the housing market today in front of an adoring audience of Arizona homeowners, while 500+ people protested outside the school hosting the Messiah. The $75 Billion dollar plan is an effort to prevent up to 9 million Americans from losing their homes. It, of course, will cost much more…in […]

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