March 15, 2009

Christine Romer Needs To Sober Up

We’re not all buying the about-face cheerleading from the Obama administration, and every time I see Economic Advisor Christine Romer, I want to burn her damn pom-poms. Every single time. Christine says the Obama administration is staging a “wonderful battle” in an economic war that hasn’t been won. Kudos to David Gregory on “Meet the […]

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February 26, 2009

Obama’s Name To Be Removed From Earmark In Congressional Budget

The $7.7 million earmark isn’t going anywhere, but it’s been announced today that Barack Obama’s name as a co-sponsor will be edited out. Today, Rob Blumenthal, a spokesman for the Senate Appropriations Committee said the earmark…for Tribally Controlled Postsecondary Vocational Institutions, is cosponsored by a long list of other members of both chambers. Obama’s name […]

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