October 31, 2009

Tea Party Prevails: Scozzafava Bails Out Of NY-23!

In a stunning development this morning, Dede Scozzafava— the Republican candidate in the hotly contested NY-23 Congressional race, has suspended her campaign. Conservative Doug Hoffman now has a serious shot at the seat which hasn’t been held by a Democrat since the Civil War. It’s a victory for the Tea Party faithful who have supported […]

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October 23, 2009

Right Sightings

Dallas Tea Party Pushes Back Against Newt And The RINOs: Michelle Malkin It’s Un-Constitutional For Obama To Sign Copenhagen Climate Change Treaty: Canada Free Press Senators Take On Obama’s Czars: Time Google– “It’s Possible For The Government To Screw Up The Internet Big-Time”: Washington Post Senate Passes Thought Hate Crimes Bill: Politico CDC Says Abortion […]

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October 22, 2009

GOP To New York Conservatives: RINOs Rule

The Republican National Committee has obviously learned zip from the Tea Party movement. They expected Dick Armey to deliver the patriots straight into their laps, but instead…Armey delivered a public rebuke to the RNC by echoing Sarah Palin’s pledge to support any candidate who promises to defend the Constitution and work for conservative principles. The […]

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