March 7, 2009

AIG: The Fed Won’t Name Names, But The Wall Street Journal Will

This past week, members of the Senate Banking Committee continued trying to break the Fed’s stonewalling on I.D.-ing who’s been getting all the bank bailout bucks…besides the names we DO know. So far the Fed has absolutely refused to cooperate, saying that to do so would do irreparable harm to those institutions. The committee has […]

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February 24, 2009

AIG To Announce $60 Billion Quarterly Loss, Market Was Looking For $6 Billion

Look out below! Double-bailout recipient AIG is due to report earnings Monday, and according to Reuters, it ain’t gonna be pretty. When the market is expecting a loss, and you then post a loss that is $59 billion dollars greater…well, you know what they say about markets and surprises. Reuters just broke this news, and […]

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February 23, 2009

The New American Tea Party: We’re Mad As Hell, Not Gonna Take It Anymore

Rick Santelli let the genie out of the bottle, thank heavens. Like any good trader, Rick knows how to spot a trend…and he gave a voice to this one. A CNN poll released today showed that almost 75% of Americans are SCARED (exact word), and do NOT approve of the crap flying out of Washington. […]

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