August 18, 2009

Howard Dean: Public Option In Obamacare WILL Be Passed

Whether it’s a “public option”, or the term they’re currently using: “co-ops”, Screamin’ Howard Dean says that a government-run option WILL be in the health care bill. And, that the whole mess, including a “public option” will be passed. Why so confident, Howard? Today Dean revealed from whence his comfort cometh: why, reconciliation…of course. Aahh. […]

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July 21, 2009

Obama Planning An End-Run On Health Care

Hat-Tip: Justin URGENT!!! President Obama isn’t blind, and is seeing his approval ratings plunge faster than a Soviet submarine. So… he’s bringing out the bulldozer. He and the Dems who are supporting ObamaCare are going to use a maneuver known as the budget reconciliation procedure (or simply “reconciliation”) in order to ram through universal health […]

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