March 27, 2009

Senate Confirms Pro-Porn Lawyer As Deputy Attorney General

The Senate confirmed David Ogden as Deputy Attorney General by a 65-28 vote. Do the math and you can see that the GOP let conservatives down again. While Republicans in the Judiciary Committee asked some questions of the porn attorney, but they did so with little passion. Not one declared, “I can’t vote for you.” […]

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February 5, 2009

David Ogden Thinks Playboy Is Essential

It is never a dull day in Obamaland, kiddies. When he’s not trying to sneak tax cheats and lobbyists by us, he’s staying busy pushing through others with compromised situations. Like David Ogden! Ogden is up for deputy Attorney General under the tainted Eric Holder. (Holder was complicit in Clinton’s pardon of international fugitive financier […]

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