May 7, 2009

Bank “Stress Tests” Results Are Finally In: Fed Licks It’s Chops

The long-awaited, much heralded bank “stress test” results were FINALLY released today. Turbo-tax Tim Geithner delayed them a few days, and waited until after the market close today…although much of the news was intentionally leaked before the release. Leaks claimed that the test found that Bank of America needs $33.9 billion in additional capital. The […]

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January 19, 2009

Are We Going To Sit On Our Hands?

The TRUTH From The Ticker: This is from today, in it’s entirety. Remember this as you watch the $170 million dollar Obamabash tomorrow. Quake in your boots as you realize Tim Geithner, who can’t do his own taxes right, will most likely be the next Jack Sparrow of the Treasury. Any premise that the “global […]

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December 22, 2008

Banks Refuse To Give Specifics On How They Spent Bailout Funds

Sad to say, but this horse has left the barn, and we taxpayers have little chance of it coming back. We’ve been loudly ringing the bell on the bailout here at Right Soup, so it’s no shock to us that the well-connected bankers who’ve received incredible amounts of our tax dollars via the TARP to […]

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