April 17, 2009

UPDATE! CNN Muckraker Gets It Handed Back By Tea Party Attendee!

CNN’s Susan Roesgen did quite a smear piece on Chicago Tea Party attendees and the protests in general. Watch the REST of the story as she gets called out by a typical protester- an unafraid lady who wasn’t going to stand for Susan’s yellow journalism. Kudos to her and to the Chicago Tea Partiers who […]

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February 19, 2009

Chicago Trader Rick Santelli Wins Today’s “Best Rant Against The Spending” Award: Poll!

I am STILL applauding Rick Santelli’s performance on BSNBC today, where he laid it out against the insanity of our government’s spending, and pulled zero punches. Standing O, bro. BE SURE TO VOTE IN THE POLL BELOW RICK’S CLIP! poll by twiigs.com

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