July 7, 2009

Your Senators On Youtube: A Great Way To Make Your Voice Heard

Right Soup readers are some of the most active citizens around, and are very faithful when it comes to “You Know The Drill”… our call-to-arms for citizens to take action with their Reps in Washington. Here’s another great way to voice your opinion- many House Reps and Senators now have their own Youtube channels. Most […]

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July 6, 2009

Cap And Trade Debate Today In Senate

UPDATE: 2pm ET: Hearings have just resumed in the Senate Energy Committee. This morning, suggestions were tossed about that included using wood pellets, 14 solar energy plants that would employ a whopping 50,000 people, and the deforestation of our national parks to provide more biomass energy sources. Brainiacs!! Watch the hearings live on CSPAN here. […]

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