May 12, 2009

Obama To Quadruple Deficit THIS YEAR!

That is one ugly chart. It illustrates how Barack Obama and the spendaholics in Congress will quadruple our deficit THIS YEAR! 4 times the Bush deficit in 12 months. That’s some change you can believe in, and it isn’t chump-change. Unbelievable. What’s even MORE unbelievable is that for every dollar that is spent, 50 cents […]

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February 27, 2009

It’s Not About Tea, It’s About WE… The People

Wow! A day full of New American Tea Party protests all over the country! Citizens came out in force against spending, the erosion of our liberties, and our out of control government. Fox News is reporting that there were over 40 Tea Parties today, and there are more tonight and tomorrow. Matt and I were […]

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