January 21, 2010

Ron Paul On Wall Street’s Bailout FRAUD- Use Geithner To Impeach Obama

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September 25, 2009

Audit The Fed Hearing Now: Watch Live Here!

Click here to watch the long-awaited “Audit the Fed” hearing in Congress. Many thanks to Representative Ron Paul (R-TX) and his many colleagues in the House for doggedly pursuing this most necessary investigation. Barney Frank is presiding over this and other crucial business before the House Finance Committee. UPDATE: If you can tune in, DO. […]

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August 25, 2009

Geithner Faces The Digg Community & The WSJ: Doesn’t Want A Fed Audit

Digg subscribers submitted questions for Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner in the 9th installment of the Digg Dialogg. Today, the Wall Street Journal’s Deputy Managing Editor Alan Murray grilled a visibly uncomfortable Timmy.

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July 25, 2009

Spitzer: The Fed Is A Ponzi Scheme

Hopefully Eliot Spitzer won’t get suicided for this. I don’t condone his past affair, but it’s quite obvious why HE was taken down when many, many other officials engage in the same…or worse behavior. At the time of his scandal, Spitzer was after the Wall Street bad guys- and very close to cracking the massive […]

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July 9, 2009

Senator Jim Demint Calls Out Pelosi & Obama For Stonewalling An Audit Of The Federal Reserve

Congressman Ron Paul’s bill to TRULY audit the Federal Reserve (HR 1207) has wide support in the House of Representatives, but it’s companion bill (S 6055) is facing trouble in the Senate. The secretive central bank operates with impunity, and is not, as many Americans believe, an agency of the United States Government. It is […]

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June 15, 2009

Is The Fed About To Hit The Fan?

Interesting times, my friends, we live in them without a doubt. Congressman Ron Paul’s “Audit The Fed” bill ( H.R. 1207: The Federal Reserve Transparency Act) reached enough congressional support last week to go forward out of committee and onto the floor of the house. It now has 222 co-sponsors. An audit of the Fed […]

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May 12, 2009

Video: Federal Reserve Can’t Account For $9 Trillion

We’d all LOVE for the Fed to be audited. We are not holding our breath, as the Fed is apparently beyond the reach of any authoritarian body. It seems the Federal Reserve apparently can’t account for $9 trillion in off-balance sheet transactions. When Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Orlando) asked Inspector General Elizabeth Coleman of the Federal […]

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