Congressman Ron Paul’s bill to TRULY audit the Federal Reserve (HR 1207) has wide support in the House of Representatives, but it’s companion bill (S 6055) is facing trouble in the Senate.

The secretive central bank operates with impunity, and is not, as many Americans believe, an agency of the United States Government. It is an immensely powerful private bank which has virtually complete control over our money supply. For decades, the Fed (and the Treasury Department) have been led by Goldman Sachs alumni. It has the power to inflate or deflate our economy via interest rate increases and decreases. It is printing a fiat currency, backed by NOTHING. With this fiat currency, it is buying our own Treasuries…our debt.

Despite this hyperinflationary insanity and the Fed’s zero-accountability, Obama wants to give it even more power by ceding it vast control over our publicly traded companies.

This is not a partisan issue…it is an anti-capitalist, economic control issue. The auto bailouts are about control over the auto industry. The TARPs are about control over the banking and financial services industries. Universal Health Care is about control over the health care industry. Cap and Trade isn’t about energy or pollution, it’s about consolidating control over our energy industry in the Executive branch, and ultimately in global parliaments.

Barack Obama is about control. He and Nancy Pelosi are fighting a full audit of the Fed (one where it has to actually open it’s books) tooth and nail. Senator Jim Demint elaborates:

Tick, tock, America. Time is running out.

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