Max Baucus Wants To Ram Health Care Through With Or Without GOP Support.

The Senate Finance Committee is marking up the Baucus health care bill as we speak, and is considering amendments that would allow funding for abortions and a public option. A public option is the top goal for liberals, but it has no Republican support and moderate Democrats say the Senate will never go along. Watch the hearing live here.

Meanwhile a fight is raging in the House over a proposal which would require that legislation be posted online for 72 hours before any vote would take place. Sounds reasonable, no? House Dems say NO. They do NOT want you to read any legislation before they vote; THEY don’t read it…so why should you? John Kerry thinks you are an idiot and won’t be able to understand the “arcane language” present in the crap Congress churns out. Not only is he trying to prevent this rational rule, he’s looking down his nose at you while he’s doing it.

A “gag order” has been issued from the White House to companies involved in the legislation, that prevents them from saying what they know of the contents, and not to discuss it with “we the people”. Remember, we’ve been telling you that Democrats are fully willing to ram a health care bill through via “reconciliation” if they don’t have the required 2/3 votes. Unconstitutional? Sure, but they don’t give a damn.

It’s vital for you to contact your Reps TODAY. Tell them they’ll be getting a pink-slip if they don’t allow for sunlight and transparency regarding proposed legislation, and that government health care is unacceptable. Put your zip in to get your Reps’ contact info… and then email, call and generally blow up their switchboards and servers. We must not rest.

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