Senator Jay Rockefeller is not happy, not happy at all. The Senate Finance Committee has said “nyet” to including a public option in the Baucus health care bill. It was Rocky’s amendment to the bill that would provide it. He’s currently consoling himself on CNN by reminding us all that there exists in the House: Nancy Pelosi. And her freight-train.

The Senator still has hope for a public option– because there will be more conferences and changes and backroom horse-trading before the beast takes it’s final shape. Don’t forget reconciliation; they’re quite willing to railroad through whatever they create… plowing over serious opposition by the majority of the public. And the Dems are hellbent on not letting you read any pending legislation ahead of their votes.

Amp up the opposition. Big Government must GO. Big Government spending must GO. Marxists, Communists and radicals advising the President, possessing unprecedented, unconstitutional power… must GO. Amp it up. To sit out on the unprecedented, grassroots opposition movement is to assure the end of freedom occurs on our watch.

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