Nancy Pelosi grandly presented her House of Representatives’ health care bill this morning, and- as expected, it’s full of booby traps for all. If we have only 72 hours (not a guarantee) to read the almost 2000 page behemoth we’d best get moving. We have the beast for you here. GO!!

What we do know about the proposed legislation is this: Pelosi will include a public option in which doctors can negotiate their rates with the government, despite her obvious preference for a plan pegged to Medicare. The plan’s principal mechanism is creation of a new government-regulated insurance “exchange” where private companies would sell policies in competition with the government.

Federal subsidies would be available to millions of lower-income individuals and families to help them afford the policies. Nice, even playing field for the insurance companies, no? Well, it is if you can print your own money.

The legislation would be financed by a combination of cuts in planned Medicare spending and an income tax surcharge of 5.4 percent on individuals making at least $500,000 annually and couples making at least $1 million. The planned Medicare cuts total about $500 billion dollars, over half of the plan’s budgeted $890 billion price-tag. Exactly where this Medicare cash-pile is hiding remains to be seen. (We’ll also have to wait and see what the CBO says about the cost…they’re just now getting the bill too. Hopefully, they have speed-readers.)

The bill would require nearly everyone to sign up for health coverage either through their employer, a government program or the new exchange. By 2013 you should all be on the rolls. Schnell!

In the meantime, a “temporary” (ha!) government program would subsidize people turned down by private insurers because of medical problems. After that, insurers no longer could refuse to provide coverage to the sick, nor could they charge more because of poor health of the insured. Do you think this will lower premiums? Of course you don’t.

The plan also calls for a significant expansion of Medicaid, the federal-state health program for low-income people. It would impose a requirement on employers to offer insurance to their workers or face penalties. Thanks, Nancy, for further complicating the jobs of every business owner in America, and burdening them with even more taxes and bureaucracy. It will be interesting to see how many of us will still be standing in 2014.

The Democrat’s plans are all the products of closed-door horse-trading sessions on the Hill. Republicans have been utterly, completely, even physically, shut out of the processes. So much for the promised CSPAN and internet coverage!! John Beonher, (R-OH) says the bill is a “profound disappointment…that the mandates on the states could bankrupt them.” Rep. Dave Camp, (R-Mich) says that:

“Americans’ health care is too important to risk on one gigantic bill that was negotiated behind closed doors. The Medicare cuts will hurt seniors, the tax increases will kill jobs and the government takeover of health care will increase premium costs.”

Insiders say abortion provisions, which were in the House bill before, are still under negotiation. Despite the fact that the majority of Americans DON’T want taxpayer money to fund abortions, this battle is still raging. “Health care for immigrants” is also still on the table. Of course it is.

Pelosi wants a vote on her bill next week. We’ll see if we get 72 hours to peruse it, or if that rare privilege is ours to posses only when the final, final, final conference bill is up at bat. Or if we get any time to read it at all. Don’t take your eye off of the ball, this isn’t called “Trick or Treat” season for nothing… and it could be far more destructive than having your car egged.

REMEMBER. No one has ruled out the possibility of Democrats using “reconciliation” to ram one of these suckers through, in fact, John McCain is actively warning that Dems may very well do just that.

Contact your Representatives and Senators here, just put in your zip and you’ll easily find them. Now is the time for the blizzard of calls, emails and even letters. You can do all of the above at the link. Let them know that pink-slips are coming for all who vote for this disaster. Tell them to watch what happens on Tuesday in NY-23, Florida’s Senate race, and New Jersey and Virginia’s Gubernatorial elections. The Conservative Monster has awakened, and it is loaded for bear.

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