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A REAL Astroturf Video

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PJTV goes undercover to determine which political movement is genuine “Grass Roots”, and which is merely “Astroturf.” Hint: the Astroturf gets paid!!

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Senate Bill Would Give Obama Control Of The Internet

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S 773, the Senate “Cybersecurity Bill“, was introduced in April by Senators Snowe, Rockefeller and Nelson. Internet companies and civil liberties groups were alarmed,as it proposes handing the White House the power to disconnect private-sector computers from the Internet. The bill went into furious re-writes behind closed doors; Sen. Rockefeller recently introduced his amended version.

CNET obtained a copy of the 55-page draft (excerpt), which still appears to permit the president to seize temporary control of private-sector networks during a so-called “cybersecurity emergency.” The new version would allow the president to “declare a cybersecurity emergency” relating to “non-governmental” computer networks and do what’s necessary to respond to the threat.

Other sections of the plan include a federal certification program for “cybersecurity professionals,” and a requirement that certain computer systems and networks in the private sector be managed by people who have been awarded that license. It requires a “cybersecurity workforce plan” from every federal agency, a “dashboard” pilot project, measurements of hiring effectiveness, and the implementation of a “comprehensive national cybersecurity strategy” in six months–even though its mandatory legal review will take a year to complete.

Six months. Before it’s legal review is finished. CNET continues:

the most controversial language begins in Section 201, which permits the president to “direct the national response to the cyber threat” if necessary for “the national defense and security.” The White House is supposed to engage in “periodic mapping” of private networks deemed to be critical, and those companies “shall share” requested information with the federal government. (“Cyber” is defined as anything having to do with the Internet, telecommunications, computers, or computer networks.)

I wish I were kidding you, but I’m not. I hope that you’ve been able to shake off the paralysis of shock, we are all experiencing it–but we must MOVE, not just sit shaking our heads.

ACT. The Communist/Marxists are openly in Washington, railroading an increasingly statist agenda. We don’t have the luxury of shell-shock. Obama’s perpetual campaign machine, Organizing For America, is astro-turfing town hall rallies with their paid “volunteers”– from now and September 8th when Congress returns from recess. Go outnumber them. Put your zip in at their site, and see where meetings are near you.

If you think we don’t have communists who are racist in Congress, listen this, from Rep. Diane Watson at her town hall last night:

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Cap And Trade: Productive Farmland To Be Turned Into Forests

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The “Cap and Trade” climate bill has been out of the headlines (exactly where Washington wants it) while the world is glued to Obamacare and Ted Kennedy’s convenient death. It’s still coming, unfortunately, and we’d be wise to keep up the pressure on Congress. It may be hard to imagine, but Cap and Trade could be more destructive to our nation than socialized health care. That’s pretty damn bad. Democrats have already said they’d go nuclear (via reconciliation) to pass both.

An Environmental Protection Agency analysis shows that under the House bill– new forests would spread across the American landscape, replacing both pasture and farm fields. Cap and Trade gives financial incentives to farmers and ranchers to plant trees versus food crops.

The bill would allow landowners who “reduce carbon dioxide” by NOT planting food, to sell carbon permits to “polluters” like power plants. Those suckers are going to become quite valuable if Cap and Tax passes. Bonus: credit-owners can sell credits in a new market provided exclusively by Goldman Sachs. Whee!

When was the last time a re-forestation plan this enormous occurred in the U.S.? F.D.R.’s Civilian Conservation Corps, which lasted from 1933 to 1942, planted 3 billion trees. Make-work that drastically decreases food production? Brilliant.

The plan would be hard on ranchers and farmers, and food prices will surely soar. Cap and Tax will touch every corner of our economy as-is, and will make virtually everything more expensive…including food. A reduction in food production would only exacerbate the misery. What kind of boneheaded move is this, when we already have reduced production due to farmers growing corn for ethanol?

The Senate is likely to consider a similar bill to the Apollo Alliance and Tides Foundation-written House plan this fall. Obama’s Green Czar, Van Jones, has already been given control of billions from the Stimulus plan. He will gain immense power if Cap and Trade passes.

Don’t take your eyes off the whole picture– part of the liberal strategy is to overload you. Cap and Trade needs to stay in the forefront of your protests; Democrats have threatened to pass it via reconciliation just like they have with Obamacare. They are willing to ram both through with simple majority votes…via a practice not meant for legislation other than budgets. Turn the table on your Representatives who are holding town halls between now and September 8th. Ask them about Cap and Trade–which Obama has admitted will make electricity costs SOAR. I assure you, they probably haven’t read the almost 1500 page-long bill. Here it is, so you can.

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The March On Washington 9/12

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Freedom is what is at stake. Liberty. America herself. On September 12, 2009, the people will gather to march on Washington, D.C. We will demand government listen to us and to our grievances. We will remind them for whom they work. We will inform them of the quickest way home, and of the certainty that they will be sent there. We will say NO to Communism, Marxism and Fascism. Join your countrymen if you can.

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Congressional Research Service Says Illegal Aliens CAN Receive Benefits Under House Health Care Bill

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So much for politicians’ denials that illegal aliens would be able to receive benefits under HR 3200, the House Health Care Bill. Congressional research arm The Congressional Research Service confirms that under this governmental-control mechanism masquerading as “health insurance reform”, illegals WILL have access to benefits.

The report, Treatment of Noncitizens in H.R. 3200, states:

“H.R. 3200 does not contain any restrictions on noncitizens – whether legally or illegally present, or in the United States temporarily or permanently – participating in the Exchange.” H.R. 3200 establishes a Health Insurance Exchange which would provide individuals and small businesses with access to health care plans, including the “public option” to be managed by the government.

The CRS also confirms that the House bill does not include a mechanism to prevent illegal aliens from receiving “affordability credits” to subsidize the purchase of private health insurance. CRS specifically noted the absence “of a provision in the bill specifying the verification procedure.” Because the language is ambiguous, all the CRS could reasonably conclude is that any eligibility determination would be the responsibility of the “Health Choices Commissioner”.

Congressional supporters of the bill have denied for weeks that illegal aliens could receive benefits under the bill. These denials were echoed by countless media and health care “experts” who dismissed public concerns as myths, or worse– politically orchestrated attacks.

The House Ways & Means Committee had the opportunity to include language that would have barred illegal aliens from enrolling in the proposed public option or receiving the affordability credits, but chose not to. In fact, no GOP amendments were approved. An amendment offered by Rep. Dean Heller (R-Nev.) would have applied the same eligibility verification procedures for coverage that have been used for years to prove eligibility for Medicaid. That amendment was rejected by a party-line vote.

Based on its own findings and those of CRS, FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform) is calling on Congress to:

* Adopt clear language that makes illegal aliens (and non-immigrants) ineligible for enrollment in publicly funded or subsidized health insurance programs.
* Require electronic eligibility verification for any health care reform proposal through the existing Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements (SAVE) system.
* Maintain a five-year eligibility waiting period for legal immigrants to ensure that individuals don’t come to the U.S. and immediately tap the system.

FAIR President Dan Stein says

“For the past month, irate citizens, concerned that their tax dollars will be used to fund health care for illegal aliens, have been unfairly portrayed as uninformed rabble by their elected representatives and a host of media organizations,” said Stein. “It is time for the politicians to close the loopholes, and for the media establishment to acknowledge that they got it wrong.”

You know the drill. Contact your Representatives and let them know in no uncertain terms that the lies about Obamacare must stop. The entire bill needs to be torched, and the effort needs to start from scratch…this time with sanity.

If you are going to a Town Hall, (and now may be the most effective time to go as the Dem-spin is charging into overdrive) PLEASE ask your Rep about this. Chances are, he or she will deny these facts. Enlighten them.

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Glenn Beck: Freedom Of Speech In Grave Danger

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Today, Glenn Beck continued his week-long series on Obama’s czars and advisers– their backgrounds and agendas. Today Glenn highlighted new FCC “Diversity Officer” Mark Lloyd. “The Diversity Czar, as he’s known informally, although the White House wanted to correct Glenn about Mark. He has been vetted by the Senate… a czar first!

That’s all Barry wanted to clear up, however. Your freedom of speech is still very much at risk…on purpose. You cannot be trusted with such a dangerous thing… lucky for you that Big Brother knows what’s best.

Mark Lloyd is looking to severely limit free speech in America through a series of new initiatives, without ever having to revive the “Fairness Doctrine” that was abandoned in 1985. Radio stations would have to pay an amount equal to 100 percent of their yearly operating budgets to the government…to fund public radio. If a station wasn’t “locally diversified” enough for the government, it would lose it’s license to a more favored one.

Glenn told guest Rush Limbaugh today that:

It is terribly upsetting and disconcerting, and I wish I didn’t think it and I wish I didn’t have to say it. But there’s no way to sugarcoat it. This is not politics as usual. This is not left versus right. This is not Republican versus Democrat. This is statism, totalitarianism versus freedom. And if these people are allowed to go where they want to go unchecked, then some people, a lot of people – I don’t think half the country, but close – will wake up one day and find, “My God, what the hell happened?” Because this is not what they voted for. They had no intention of this. They thought they were getting something entirely different and it is a responsibility that we all have being honest and earnest to inform people of what these possibilities are because they are very real.

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Special Election Will Be Held To Replace Ted Kennedy In Senate

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Despite his pleadings for Massachusetts to change the law AGAIN to benefit Democrats, the state will hold a special election to fill Ted Kennedy’s now-vacant Senate seat. Massachusetts law requires the election no sooner than 145 days and no later than 160 days after a vacancy occurs, and forbids an interim appointee.

Prior to 2004, when Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., became the party’s presidential nominee, the governor would have appointed a replacement to serve until the next general election. Republican Mitt Romney was the state’s governor when the legislature changed the law. This would allow the gov to pick a Democrat to fill Kerry’s seat…if he won the presidency.

Last week, however, Kennedy asked state lawmakers to change the law BACK– to give Massachusetts’ current governor and Obama supporter,Deval Patrick the ability to appoint an interim replacement to Kennedy’s seat. Will the Massachusetts legislature change the law for the Democrats again? A filibuster-proof Senate is on the line.

Kennedy isn’t even cold yet, and the left has a new rallying cry: “Pass The Bill For Teddy.” This message will be reiterated ad-nauseum until there is a vote on Obamacare.

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Democrats & Organizing For America Plan To “Overwhelm” 1000+ Town Hall Meetings Before Recess Ends



A call to arms for Right Soup readers: Obama’s permanent campaign arm, Organizing For America, has called for Obamacare supporters to blitzkrieg town hall meetings across America…starting TODAY. The plan is for Barry’s buddies to drown out the opposition–the very thing they’ve accused protesters of doing.

A “health-insurance-reform-now” bus will travel the country, anchoring events in 11 cities: Phoenix, Albuquerque, Denver, Des Moines, Pittsburgh, Raleigh, Charlotte, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Indianapolis and Columbus, Ohio. Many more rallies will be held in addition to the 11-city push.
Left-leaning Politico says the efforts will range from:

neighborhood organized phone banks to professionally staffed rallies with hundreds of people.

“Professionally staffed rallies?” Shocker. Anyone who has seen coverage of the SEIU and ACORN-recruited faithful strong-arming protesters, can easily see THEY are the “astroturf”…right down to their mass-printed signs. Wonder how much they’ll be paid?

Let’s fight back. You can go to OFA’s website, put in your zip code and see what events are scheduled in your area. Many Representatives have been hiding out during the August recess, afraid to face their constituents. Now, lots of them will be holding meetings which they hope will result in lots of pro-Obamacare footage. Get your video camera, make your home-made sign, and GO. Document everything you can, and try to get your Reps to answer the tough questions on Obamacare.

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Geithner Faces The Digg Community & The WSJ: Doesn’t Want A Fed Audit


Digg subscribers submitted questions for Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner in the 9th installment of the Digg Dialogg. Today, the Wall Street Journal’s Deputy Managing Editor Alan Murray grilled a visibly uncomfortable Timmy.

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Right Sightings

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Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Finance Chair Arrested, Charged With Bank Fraud:
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ACORN Director Pleads Guilty To Voter Fraud Charges:
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And Now, “Cash For Convicts”: Michelle Malkin

Federal Reserve Loses Transparency Suit, Must Disclose Banks Who Received Emergency Loans:

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