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Will Van Jones Get The Ax? – Update: Van Jones Resigns


Update: Van Jones resigns, says AP News.

My money is on NO. I don’t think Barack Obama will do jack about his controversial Green Czar Van Jones, despite the fact that Van is a self-described communist, a racist, AND a “9-11 Truther.”

Van says he doesn’t agree with the Truther petition he signed in 2004. Why did he sign it then? (He’s #46 on the signer list.) Did fellow signers Janeane Garafalo and Ed Asner put the squeeze on him? Or, was the accusation that 9-11 was an “inside job” too irresistible for someone whose hatred for Bush knew no bounds? Don’t YOU read a petition before you sign your name to it?!

Barack Obama is a huge narcissist, and certainly has no qualms about surrounding himself with radicals. Van’s dream of a “green economy” which serves as an alternative to prison for inner-city criminals has been a goal of his for years. In a 2005 interview with San Francisco’s East Bay Express, Van disclosed:

“I met all these young radical people of color — I mean really radical, communists and anarchists. And it was like, ‘This is what I need to be a part of. Jones told the newspaper he stayed in San Francisco, and for the next 10 years worked with a lot of the people he met in jail. Months after the Rodney King verdict came down, Jones said, “I became a communist.”

Vetting mistake? Please. A simple Google search turns up plenty of controversial Van videos and assertions. I don’t buy any claim by Obama that he didn’t know about Van’s radicalism…I think it’s why he got the job.Will Van Jones get canned? I’ll be happy if I’m wrong, but I think Obama will dare us to do something about any of his Czars. Van will likely remain in the West Wing because he’s apologized for some of his egregious actions. Here, however, is a good compilation of Van Jones in his own words. Read them, watch the videos, and decide what you think about Van yourself. Then… make some noise, America.

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“I Pledge”


Have you seen this Public Service Announcement yet? If not, it will be airing on your TV soon…and it’s already being shown in some public schools. It’s like the old salesman’s tip: “Collect yeses before moving in to close the deal. The customer will be used to agreeing, and will likely buy what you are selling.” Same principle at work here in this sermon from Hollywood. No sooner have you finished pledging to befriend your neighbors and use less plastic, then the suggestion to pledge your service to Barack Obama comes along. See how they did that?!

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Obama Propaganda Books Your Child Is Expected To Read


Hat Tip: Reverend Pat

Obama’s speech to the children of the land looms on September 8th. Many in the public are rightly wary of the teaching material, designed by the White House to assist kids in exploring most things Obama. Trust me, the speech itself will be a flowery, encouraging, innocuous sentiment from the Prez. Obama supporters will say the controversy is much ado about nothing. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The White House had to scratch a line from the required teaching materials today; students now won’t have to determine how they can best help Obama. DOE officials and the administration are hoping that this small bone will placate the critics. What they AREN’T publicizing, however, is the fact that your kids are expected to read propaganda books about Obama as a complement to the big talk.

Here is a look at 2 of them: Barack Obama: Son Of Promise, Child Of Hope and another titled simply Barack. Try to keep your lunch down.


Barack Obama: Son Of Promise, Child of Hope is full of gems like this:

“His mama, white as whipped cream; his daddy, black as ink…”

“He was there in Chicago because he cared about these people. They were his family. People in Kenya were his family. Indonesians were his family. And no matter where he was, the world was his home. And who he was could be summed up in one word: loveable.”

Lord, help us all. Here are some more from this great reason to home-school:

When Barack wasn’t studying he liked to jog along the Hudson River. He couldn’t help but notice the river of hurt and hate and history that separated blacks and whites. Being both, he could not take sides. Don’t worry, said Hope. I will be your bridge. In time you will be the bridge for others.

Reverend Wright gets a nod, as his is the only Chicago church Obama ever attended:

When his classes came to an end, he raced to Chicago to join hands with the church, to learn new lessons: Not how to be black or white, but how to be a healer, how to change things, how to make a difference in the world.

A healer who paid his dues as a Community Organizer.

The work was grueling, with stretches of failure, and puny patches of success. Door-to-door Barack went, early mornings, late nights, pleading and preaching, coaxing strangers to march together, to make life better for everyone. He worked hard as a farmer, planting the words “Yes, we can!” like seeds in spring.

His dead father gave The One his blessing:

Before Barack chased his future, he visited his past, traveling to Kenya to find his family, his father’s bones, and his own place in the circle of Africa…Finally, Barack knelt in the soil at his father’s grave, listening to the still, small voice that spoke to his heart: Go now. Fly free. Become the man you were meant to be. Live in hope.

So, Dear Obama began his ministry of Hope.

One sun-drenched day, as his wife Michelle stood by, Barack smiled on a sea of faces from Wichita to Waikiki. He saw whites and blacks, rich and poor, Christians and Muslims and Jews; he saw the ghosts of his parents, of Gramps and Toot, of Martin Luther King, Jr. and JFK. And on that special day Barack was the bridge that held them all together. “I want to be your president,” he said. “Can we make America better? Can we work together, as one?” With a single voice the crowd called out, “Yes! We can!”

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Commie Green Czar Van Jones Says Whites Target Blacks With Poision

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Wonder what it will take for the Obama administration to put the muzzle on avowed communist and Obama Green Czar Van Jones? Obviously, the ADMIN hasn’t reached a tipping point with this incredible race-baiter. Does Van have some secret dirt on Obama? Or does he just seem normal to a president schooled by Jeremiah Wright?!

Here’s Van spouting some more shizz about Whitey.

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New Documentary “Blood Money”: Planned Parenthood’s Abortion Quotas


In a new documentary film set to wrap at the end of this month, former abortionists and women who’ve had abortions expose the cold-cash-cow that is the abortion industry. Planned Parenthood and other abortionists know where their money is made.

Carol Everett was a part owner of several abortion clinics in the Dallas area, and now renounces abortion. In the Blood Money trailer (below) she talks about the deceptive and predatory practices her clinics were involved in.

“Our goal was three to five abortions from every girl from the ages 13 to 18.” Everett describes a plan to “sell abortions by using sex education to break down the natural modesty of children, separate them from their parents and their values, and establish the abortion provider as the sex expert in young people’s lives. So they would turn to us when we would give them a low-dose birth control pill they would get pregnant on, or a defective condom.”

Everett admits that she was complicit in the killing of 35,000 babies.

Indeed, Pro-life pharmacist Patrick McCrystal says that low-dose 20-30 mg estrogen birth control pills, designed to minimize side effects, have a “breakthrough” ovulation rate between 2-10%. Progesterone-only pills have a breakthrough rate of 60-85%. Many of those girls and women will come back to the clinic, where they got the pills, to have an abortion. Cha-ching.

Blood Money is directed by David Kyle, who says that the business of abortion was not the filmmakers’ initial focus.

“The original title of the film was going to be ‘The American Holocaust’. We had set out to present the truth about abortion, from the destruction of the human being, to the effect it has on the women that make the choice to abort. During interviews, the ‘monetary aspects’ of the abortion industry kept repeatedly surfacing. So while we still cover in part some of our original idea we honed in on the money that is made on the slaughter of the unborn.”

Planned Parenthood doesn’t sell keeping the baby, or giving the baby up for adoption. They only sell abortions. Margaret Sanger, Founder of Planned Parenthood said in Women And The New Race that:

“The most merciful thing that a large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it.”

Sounds just like Obama’s czars Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel and John Holdren along with HHS, late-term abortion cheerleader Kathleen Sebelius.

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Obama Wants Your Kid In His Cult



UPDATE: Whaddaya know– the White House has edited it’s “teaching materials” for the big Obama Youth speech. They’ve deleted the line about “helping the president” from teacher’s talking points after admitting they helped the Department of Education create the teaching tasks. Whitewashing…it’s the Obama way. Nothing else has changed, and the administration is hoping this will placate parents. The text of Obama’s speech remains a secret.

The Dear Leader will be speaking to the children of America on September 8th. This is a historical first- no other president has done such a thing. Unprecedented. Obama won’t just be encouraging your kid to do well in school, he’s lecturing them about his agenda. The big day includes worksheets for the impressionable!

One of the tasks instructs them to “write a letter to yourself on how you can help President Obama.” It asks “can we do what Obama is asking us to do?” Huh? I know his poll numbers are down, but what can the kids do about that? Answer: they can be tools for indoctrination. The Obama youth. If Cheney or Bush were going to address every schoolchild in America on a special day, and required teachers to push pro-Bush propaganda, the left would be apoplectic.

President Obama’s Address to Students Across America September 8, 2009

Will you be keeping your child home that day?

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Obama Organizers On How To Shut Down Protesters

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Here’s an organizer for HCAN giving last minute instructions on stifling Rep. Jan Schakowsky’s constituents, when they raise concerns on the health care bill. Obamacare cheerleaders will be doing this at every town hall. This is why you need to bring your camera every time.

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Obama Website Says If You Disagree With Obamacare You’re A Right-Wing Terrorist



Barack Obama’s perpetual campaign machine, Organizing For America, just sent out a massive email to the faithful… to take part in a push on September 11th. It says in part:

All 50 States are coordinating in this – as we fight back against our own Right-Wing Domestic Terrorists who are subverting the American Democratic Process, whipped to a frenzy by their Fox Propaganda Network ceaselessly re-seizing power for their treacherous leaders.

DO YOU WANT to ensure passage of the Public Plan? Since 75% of Americans support it, I guess it’s time for us Seventy-Five Percenters to be heard. Why Public Plan? = Because It’s American To Take Care Of Our Own!

And, according to a White House Advisor to the President with whom I spoke ten days ago at a DNC Panel, he said, “ON ONE DAY you ‘burn-up’ the Senate Switchboards – THE NEXT DAY you’ve got the Senator’s attention”. We will achieve that effect, on Friday, Patriot Day 9/11.

Here’s a screenshot of the admonition from this morning. OFA toned the language down this afternoon, but Google is your friend…once something’s on the net, it’s in a cache forever. No denying the truth now…your free speech has made you an enemy of the state. Ask your Rep about this insanity, and alert your friendly media too.

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Obama’s Marxists Want To Fine Bloggers, Shut Down Dissent

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Folks, this is chilling…and I urge you to watch. Cass Sunstein, Mark Lloyd and others in the Obama administration want to restrict free speech on the internet and in the media. As Sunstein wrote in his book Democracy and the Problem of Free Speech, he’s concerned by the present

“situation in which like-minded people speak or listen mostly to one another,” and thinks that in “light of astonishing economic and technological changes, we must doubt whether, as interpreted, the constitutional guarantee of free speech is adequately serving democratic goals.”

Make no mistake, all they are waiting for is an “emergency” to implement their Marxist dreams of ending the First Amendment.

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Al Gore: Climate Change Battle Is Like Fighting Nazis

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Last week, Spotted Al Gore compared the battle against climate change with the struggle against the Nazis. I’m sensing a theme here. He was speaking at Oxford University at the Smith School World Forum on Enterprise and the Environment.

The wannabe visionary said:

“Winston Churchill aroused this nation in heroic fashion to save civilization in World War II.

Al admitted it was hard to persuade the public that the threat from climate change was as urgent as that from Hitler. (This is because the American people have some sense.) Al says that since we put a man on the moon, we could meet the absurd “climate change” targets of Cap and Trade. Get busy! The government wants to put some more debt on your charge-card.

GE, Goldmans Sachs, Big Pharma, ACORN and Al himself will be major beneficiaries of your largess. Al says it is worth it because future generations will ask us:

‘What were you thinking, didn’t you see the North Pole melting before your eyes, didn’t you hear what the scientists were saying?’. Or ‘How is it you were able to find the moral courage to solve the crisis which so many said couldn’t be solved?’”

Pharisee. While Al scolds the world into playing along with ridiculous “climate change” schemes, he lives in a house lit up like a Christmas tree. I know; it’s not too far from me. He’s another phony politician worshiped by the lemmings on the left, and he’s looking at a major score from Cap and Trade.

Are you tired of being called a Nazi yet?

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