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Breaking! 4th ACORN Undercover Video Sting –San Bernadino: DEVASTATING.

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The house is fully on fire now, Right Soup. Our favorite young ACORN nut-busters, Hannah Giles and James O’Keefe have another undercover ACORN video tape, and it is SCANDALOUS. If you didn’t think the ACORN story could get any worse after several of their employees (in multiple locations) tried to help a prostitute buy a house, lie to the IRS and run a brothel with underage hookers from El Salvador…you were wrong. It gets much worse.

In today’s tapes, this ACORN employee in San Bernadino, California gives away the farm — she names names of politicians she talks to each day, plus what bills they are lobbying heavily for (with taxpayer money). Oh, this Acorn employee is also a former hooker herself, who in this tape admits to killing her husband. She gives Hannah and James some sage hooker advice on how to run sex-trafficked young girls, and how to get away with murder.

The Federal investigation of ACORN must begin NOW. Hannah and James have MUCH MORE. Come on, people, we are not going to take this corruption.

These are the people who Barack Obama says are shaping his presidential agenda. They have hundreds of related organizations, and play the shell game well. This is why an exhaustive investigation is CRUCIAL. Click here, get on the phone, and call your Representatives NOW. Demand that they protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. They took an oath.

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ACORN Is Illegally Operating In Maryland

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Brace yourself dear readers, it’s going to be a nutty day, and Congress may be scrambling at the end of it. Bombshell today: Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government has just revealed that ACORN has been operating illegally in Maryland since 2006. How has their operation been allowed to continue? A little help from their friends in high places?? Big Government’s Mike Roman reveals:

Last week, we saw some pretty disturbing activities revealed in the undercover footage from ACORN Housing’s Baltimore office. By any measure of conduct, the actions of ACORN’s employees should never have happened. It turns out the actions shouldn’t have happened for another, very simple, reason: ACORN can’t legally operate in the state of Maryland.

According to the following documents, ACORN, Inc.–the parent organization of all things ACORN–forfeited its corporate charter in Maryland in 2006. ACORN Housing forfeited its corporate charter in 2008. Any ACORN office in the state of Maryland is potentially operating illegally.

The Maryland Attorney General has made noise about prosecuting the intrepid journalists who uncovered the misdeeds of ACORN employees. Perhaps he should focus instead on how ACORN was able to operate without a license in his state.

You can read the 2006 revocation document here. It clearly states that ACORN is NOT in good standing with the state of Maryland. Looks like our brave nut-busters can relax.

Another scandalous tape is set to be revealed today at 4pm ET. THIS outrage took place in California. We hear the video is devastating. Glenn Beck played a bit of the audio on his radio show today– this time an ACORN worker talks about how she set the groundwork to kill her husband and get away with it. She actually named some politicians she speaks to regularly! This time the worker is white. Congress: your house is on fire.

Stay tuned…Right Soup will bring it to you!

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Just In: Senate Votes Overwhelmingly To Cut Off Funds To ACORN

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Senator Mike Johanns (R_NE) introduced an amendment to the HUD and Transportation appropriations bill today which would cut off all housing funding to ACORN. The amendment passed overwhelmingly, with only 7 Democrats voting against it. These Dirty 7 are no surprise, but I’ll call them out anyways!
* Dick Durbin (D-IL)
* Roland Burris (D-IL)
* Robert Casey (D-PA)
* Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY)
* Patrick Leahy (D-VT)
* Bernie Sanders (I-VT)
* Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI)

The amendment, S2355 reads:

None of the funds made available under this Act may be directly or indirectly distributed to the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN).

The main financial sustenance for the massive community organizer comes from unions (which outsource dirty work, strategy, and anti-corporate attacks to the group), powerful politically motivated non-profit foundations, political campaigns (including $800,000 from then-Senator Barack Obama’s presidential campaign in 2008) and, most of all, taxpayer money.

As the roll-call vote began, several Democrats initially voted it down. As the vote continued, however, some could be heard calling out that they wanted to change their vote. Doesn’t look too good to be on the side of tax evasion and child prostitution.

Johann actually proposed 2 amendments to the bill which targeted ACORN: the above-mentioned S2355 and also S2356. It is important that S2356 be passed as well, for it broadens the funding prohibition in a way that would make it harder for ACORN to play the shell game with government money, and for other corrupt orgs to be denied funding as well. S 2356 says:

None of the funds made available under this Act shall be distributed to–

(1) an organization which has a pending indictment for or has been convicted of a violation under Federal or State law relating to fraudulent voting in any Federal or State election; or

(2) an organization which employs an individual who has a pending indictment for or has been convicted of a violation under Federal or State law relating to fraudulent voting in any Federal or State election.

The House still needs to agree to the funding halt, so put the pressure on your Representatives. San Fran Nan Pelosi may try to block a vote from coming to the floor.

Great news, all-in-all! Nut-busting undercover journalists Hannah Giles, 20, and James O’Keefe, 25, may still have more videos to join their outstanding body of work from Baltimore, D.C. and New York. They certainly give us all hope for the next generation!!

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One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other: Commanders In Chief Meet The Marines

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Class, compare and contrast President Bush vs. President Obama when visiting our Marines. Hopefully we’ll do better by them the next time we elect a Commander in Chief.

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White House Slips Up; Admits Government Will Slowly Take Over Health Insurance


Oops. Yesterday, in its continued flogging of Rep. Joe Wilson for telling the truth, MSNBC let this statement from the Obama White House slip through:

“Undocumented immigrants would be able to buy insurance in the non-exchange private market, just as they do today. That market will shrink as the exchange takes hold, but it will still exist and will be subject to reforms such as the bans on pre-existing conditions and caps.”

As the federal “insurance exchange” grows, the private health insurance market will begin a death-spiral. Plans that don’t comply with new, onerous government regulation will begin to disappear. Before long, it won’t make any sense for any private company to offer health insurance. The federal requirements will make the business of doing so far too expensive, resulting in premiums which will be out of reach for most Americans.

What will we be left with? No choice other than the government
“option”, which will make a mockery out of the word “option.” Joe Wilson is still right. Obama, you lie.

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Your ACORN Daily Child Prostitution Bust: New York City Edition

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After ACORN was caught red-handed in Baltimore and Washington DC, advising budding undercover journalists on how to run a child prostitution business, they released a statement stating that the two young nut-busters had “unsuccessfully attempted” other stings in other cities. Nice attempt at spin. I knew then that more tapes were to come.

Just released: ACORN does it again, this time in New York city. Remember how Barack Obama trained these guys in the Saul Alinsky way? Wonder what else he taught them?! Drip, drip, drip.

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The March On Washington 9-12-09!



For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Ephesians 6:12

Look at that beautiful picture!!! The mall is REALLY filling up for today’s 9-12 March On Washington. The crowd estimates are varying wildly right now…from hundreds of thousands to over a million! It is one mile from the steps of the Capitol to the Washington Monument, and the crowd has filled this area completely. There is no escaping the fact that this is a MASSIVE turnout!! God bless each and every one of them!

Fox and CSPAN will begin coverage at 12pm ET. You can watch live coverage here. This protest will be very hard for the mainstream media to ignore. Yesterday, Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said that he didn’t know what reporters were talking about when asked about the gigantic rally. WHATEVER, Robert, you lie too. Stay tuned!!

UPDATE: This is a time-lapse of the marchers gathering and then marching up to the Capitol building at the top of the screen. Many, including ABC news, say there are over a million patriots at the March. All across the country, hundreds of thousands more are gathered in solidarity.

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U.S. Census Cuts All Ties With ACORN

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After 2 days of scandalous videos were released involving ACORN, (covered only by conservative New Media and Fox– at least until now) the U.S. Census Bureau announced it is severing ALL TIES with the community-organizing group. This is a big victory for those of us who want the choke-hold this corrupt organization has on our government to permanently cease!

Census Director Robert M. Groves sent a letter to the National Headquarters of ACORN, notifying the group that it will no longer have a role in conducting the 2010 census. ACORN had previously been tapped to help with data gathering. The letter said:

“Over the last several months, through ongoing communication with our regional offices, it is clear that ACORN’s affiliation with the 2010 Census promotion has caused sufficient concern in the general public, has indeed become a distraction from our mission, and may even become a discouragement to public cooperation, negatively impacting 2010 Census efforts.

Unfortunately, we no longer have confidence that our national partnership agreement is being effectively managed through your many local offices. For the reasons stated, we therefore have decided to terminate the partnership.”

Two more ACORN workers were fired today after the second set of videos surfaced, this time showing staff members in ACORN’s Washington office offering to help an undercover man and woman acquire illegal home loans that would help them set up a brothel. From which to pimp out sex-trafficked young girls. Two ACORN workers were fired yesterday from the Baltimore office after being filmed by the same pair of journalists, and giving similar outrageous advice.

Rep. Charles Boustany
, R-La., called for a hearing to investigate ACORN’s tax filing assistance programs following the release of the videos; he said they suggested multiple incidents of tax fraud. Amen, brother. Rep. Boustany declared:

“In light of the apparent flagrant and willful attempts to suborn tax fraud, I … (am seeking) a hearing of the Oversight Subcommittee of the House Ways and Means Committee as soon as practicable to investigate ACORN’s activities.”

Now, it’s time to strike while the iron is hot. ACORN receives multi-million dollar payments from our government every year, and is slated to receive up to $8.3 BILLION dollars from Obama’s stimulus plan. It is complicit in the housing meltdown we are still struggling with as a nation. It is part of the “community organizing community” that Obama promised would shape his presidential agenda. It has admitted to over 400,000 cases of voter fraud. The list goes on and on. The ACORN doesn’t fall far from the tree. This criminal organization needs to be prosecuted and dismantled. In fact, a full investigation of the ACORN Housing Corporation, CSI, CCI, Project Vote and the Obama campaign is absolutely in order.

Kudos to the Census Bureau for doing the right thing.

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Breaking…ACORN Caught AGAIN! Same Undercover Pimp And Prostitute, This Time In D.C!!


The corruption of ACORN knows no depths. Today, we have ANOTHER ACORN office, on secret videotape, advising an undercover pimp and prostitute on how to scam the government out of tax revenue. Advice on how to run a sex slavery operation with young girls trafficked in from overseas. Again. UNBELIEVABLE.

The same journalists who broke the story yesterday out of Baltimore took a trip to Washington, D.C. afterward…and had the SAME RESULTS.

Why is ACORN not disbanded? Any prosecutor worth his salt could win a RICO suit against them. It is time that their protection from the powers that be END. Prosecute these criminals, and bust up their operation just like the mob. Because that’s what they are, THE MOB. Fox will be breaking a story, possibly today, with evidence of ACORN’s corruption at its highest levels.

Watch, and then get mad. Then… demand Federal prosecution of ACORN. Call your Representatives and tell them YOU HAVE HAD IT.


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9-11: Let Us Never Forget.

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I will never forget September 11th, 2001. I remember how surreal it felt for me. You see, I worked in the World Trade Center, North Tower, for a bit during my career. Every day, I would take the subway into the very bottom of the center underground, get on the massive elevators and go to the floors in the 70’s to the investment firm of Dean Witter. The bottom of the WTC had shops and restaurants and the subway station. It was pancaked so badly on that day. Imagine a mall that a giant stepped on and flattened. That’s what happened down there.

I was a rookie, learning from some of the best. One thing I will never forget is how narrow the windows were. They went from the floor to the ceiling, but were spaced so closely together that you’d have to turn sideways to get through them…if you were to decide to jump.

I remember what it was like to be at Windows on the World at the very top, such an amazing place. I would be eating with my colleagues and looking down at helicopters flying over the Hudson. It was so incredibly high up. I cannot imagine what it would have been like to be trapped up there in the clouds. Of course, everyone who was up there on September 11th perished.

My colleagues at Dean Witter who were there on 9-11 were incredibly lucky. They ALL made it out, which was a miracle. The WTC was our corporate headquarters, and we had several floors worth of employees. 9-11 for me is claustrophobic, horrific and, like I said, surreal. I was here in Tennessee 8 years ago today, watching it all unfold on TV as I waited for the stock market to open. It didn’t. Not for days and days and days. We were all so numb, because we all knew someone who was in those towers.

This is a pretty hard anniversary for me every year. I still can’t believe the towers are gone. I choose to remember it as it was, and the time in my life that was so exciting and challenging. I pray for the families of the victims, and for the protection of my country. Things changed for all of us that day; we will always measure time as before and after 9-11. May God watch over us all.

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