UPDATE: UPDATE: Play Health-Care Liberal-Lingo Bingo while you watch Obama’s speech tonight!

Barack Obama has given 263 speeches or remarks since he took office in January…more than the days he has been president. Tonight, at 8pm ET, he will speak to a joint session of Congress on health care. White House officials say the president will “answer all the major questions”, including the serious problem of how to pay for getting coverage for the 50 million Americans he says are uninsured. (Conservatives rightly point out that at least 20 million of those are illegal aliens, and that HR 3200 contains no specific guarantee against covering them. I digress.)

In Obama’s Labor Day speech to the AFL-CIO, he declared that opponents had NO ideas or plans that would solve the nations health care problems. Nothing could be further from the truth– the GOP has proposed numerous alternatives which would eliminate barriers to coverage for those who can’t currently obtain health insurance. No more denials because of pre-existing conditions, serious tort reform and the ability for insurance companies to compete across state lines are all included in the alternative proposals.

Of course, none of them create a massive new bureaucracy that would take over 1/6 of our economy, nor do they include a government insurance plan to compete with insurance companies. Sadly, Democrats have blocked every one of these bills from coming to the floor for Congressional votes.

Obama faces deep divisions in his own party, and virtually no Republican support for the current Democrat health care plans. Will Barry cement the divide by refusing any compromise with opponents? Those close to the White House say a public option will be one of Obama’s requirements, despite his statements that it isn’t a deal-killer. San Fran Nancy Pelosi says that it will certainly be a part of any House bill, because a plan that doesn’t include it wouldn’t pass in the House.

Will Obama extend any olive branches to the hundreds of thousands of Americans who’ve spoken out at town hall meetings and protest gatherings? Will he acknowledge these citizens who have been called racists and Nazis by many– including Congress members? Will he denounce the smears against them? Don’t hold your breath.

Obama made himself quite clear on Labor Day. No matter how inclusive his speech is tonight, it will not matter. Democrats are on record as saying they’ll use the unconstitutional power of reconciliation to ram socialized health care through with a simple majority vote, rather than the constitutionally required 2/3 majority.

Tonight, Obama will likely call for quick passage of some type of reform, which will give Democrats the green light to go it alone. Call and email your Representatives immediately, and let them know they’ll be out of a job if they vote for socialized medicine.

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