Referendums hurt. Look for Angry Obama to be fully out and about after the whooping his policies took in Masachusetts yesterday. On Republican Scott Brown’s win of Teddy Kennedy’s perpetual Senate Seat, White House Spokespimp Bobby Gibbs told reporters that Barry was “surprised” and “frustrated”. When asked if the Big O was “angry”, Gibbs replied that he was “not pleased”. Zouch.

Gibbs acknowledged that “There is a tremendous amount of upset and anger,” said Gibbs. The Admin hasn’t gotten the message about WHY there is so much anger in the electorate, as he spun on with: “In many ways, we are here because of that upset and anger.”

Ah, yeah, Gibbs. You’re there because the administration you represent lied their asses off to the American people, and has been the most corrupt thing to hit Washington IN HISTORY. You’re there because the date is still 2010 and not 2012.

You won’t be there much longer.

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