And this is probably why the Obama administration has quietly stopped using the phrase “saved or created”. Mr. Obvious will be so pleased!

It’s been almost a year since Obama stood at a construction site in Fairfax, Virgina and bloviated on about the 100,000 jobs the stimulus would “create or save” in the state. Fast-forward to today, and the sad truth is that none of those jobs have materialized.

No, despite $695 million in allocated infrastructure funding, only 16% of designated projects had begun. Even James Oberstar, (D-MN), the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chairman, publicly complained about Virginia’s slow transportation spending– writing to then Gov. Kaine:

“your state ranks last among all states [51 out of 51, including the District of Columbia], based on an analysis of the percentage of Recovery Act highway formula funds put out to bid, under contract and under way.”

In fact, an Associate Press analysis reveals the hard evidence shows there has not been any positive effect on national unemployment from the massive stimulus spending. The analysis was reviewed by independent economists at five universities, and concludes that the $20 billion spent nationwide so far “has had no effect on local unemployment rates.”
Yeah. Chump-Change You Can Believe In.

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