You didn’t really believe that “I won’t raise your taxes a dime” crap from Barry, did you? Rep. Michele Bachmann sure doesn’t… she says that Democrats are about to drop “the largest middle-class tax increase in American history” onto the backs of taxpayers in the form of unfunded mandates saddling small businesses with massive debts.

Recent polls shows only 34 percent of Americans support the healthcare reform legislation and 61 percent oppose it, but the Democrats DO NOT CARE. They want to pass ANYTHING so that they can put a mark in the plus column for Obama.

Bachmann says the proposed reforms constitute an “unconstitutional mandate” that would require those without health insurance to buy it even if they don’t want it. Businesses and individuals that don’t buy health insurance would face heavy fines or even face imprisonment.

It’s not too late to make your voice heard. Moveon.org and HCAN are rallying their liberal members to bury Congress with pro-Obamacare calls and emails. COUNTERACT!! Click here to find your Representatives’ info and start speaking up! Say NO to socialized medicine, and demand that Congress listen to America!

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