As you all know, we have to watch the crooks on Capitol Hill ALL THE TIME. Why? Because if we don’t, they get away with shizz like this: On October 31st, corrupt community-organizing elephant ACORN will have it’s Federal-funding-faucet turned back on. “But I thought Congress cut off ACORN’s funding for good,” you say. Nope. They only cut it off long enough for you to fall asleep.

Representative Michelle Bachmann (R-MN)dropped this little tidbit and a whole lot more on Glenn Beck’s radio show today. Michelle also revealed research she and her staff have uncovered, regarding ACORN and the Community Reinvestment Act. You know, the Act which requires banks to make risky loans to low-income people or lose their bank charters. The Act that started the subprime mortgage meltdown. Michele discloses that:

one way the banks could satisfy their requirement under the Community Reinvestment Act is they could partner with ACORN. So a bank could either make a cash donation to ACORN, they could give equipment donations or they could work with ACORN to provide these loans to people who are poor credit risks. One bank that did that was the Citizens Bank of Massachusetts. They put it in a partnership with ACORN. Minnesota Bank, Northeast Bank of Minnesota donated $2,000 to ACORN. New York Bank. We’ll put all of this information up on our website at But this is huge. Here you have the federal government demanding that banks lower their lending standards. And as a threat to these banks the federal government says we’re putting you out of business unless you make these bad loans. But one way you can satisfy your Community Reinvestment Act rating, because you have to get a certain score, one way you could satisfy your score, give money to ACORN. Work with ACORN. You work with ACORN, you’re good with us, says the federal government. This is so bad. But the dots are connecting…

…Banks had to figure out some way to satisfy the federal government’s demands and so if they, you know, if they were nervous about making loans to very to people with very shaky credit, one thing they could also do is give money to ACORN. So it’s a form of payola. So the banks, in order to be in compliance with the federal government, would give payoff money, so to speak, to ACORN in order to stay in the good graces with the federal government. I mean, what else would you call that but a payola?

Great! Is anyone surprised by this? Many of us, including Bachmann, have been calling for an investigation into ACORN’s criminal doings. So far, no good. We need to turn up the heat.

In addition to demanding an ACORN investigation by melting Congressional phones, consider this: Michele Bachmann is the most hated woman on the left. She’s at the top of Nancy Pelosi’s hatchet-list of House Reps Pelosi wants GONE. Pelosi hates her so much that she is raising millions for Bachmann’s opponent, whomever that may be.

You guys gave so generously to Rep. Joe Wilson when he dared speak the truth about Obama’s lies on health care. Consider doing the same for Michele Bachmann, someone you can count on not to ever pull a Lindsey Graham. Go to her website and throw her a few bucks. She needs it, and we need her in the House.

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