Maybe you’ve seen this recent ad from the Obama camp touting a tax-plan endorsement from the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center (TPC). A nifty website calculator is shown giving results of $1500+ in tax savings with Obama and just $150 savings with McCain for a working nurse. The ad claims 1.5 million people have visited the site and used the calculator to discover all the savings they’d get from Barry and not John.

Sounds good, right? Oh, wait. The whole ad is a complete fabrication, says TPC:

We have received many inquiries about an Obama campaign commercial that seems to imply that the Tax Policy Center (TPC) has a tax calculator that can be used to see how the candidates’ tax plans would affect people. We don’t. The calculator shown in the commercial was designed by the Obama campaign and is in no way affiliated with the nonpartisan TPC.

Hey Barry, TPC wants you to stop lying about them. It’s not nice.

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