Tabloid magazine the Globe hops on the Obama birth certificate and natural- born citizenship scandal with a front-page story this week! It’s not the New York Times, but still…here’s the teaser.

PRESIDENT-elect Barack Obama is being rocked by a series of shocking new lawsuits charging his election was illegal! GLOBE’s special report reveals why some national leaders believe his Hawaiian birth certificate was forged – and that America’s next commander-in-chief was born in Kenya, which could doom his presidency. It’s must reading.

The decision by the Supreme Court on another suit (Cort Wrotnowski v. Susan Bysiewicz) is expected today. This suit is similar to, but better positioned than Leo Donofrio’s suit which was denied by the SCOTUS without comment on Dec. 5th. It isn’t challenging Obama’s birth certificate, rather his “natural born citizenship” status. There are very compelling constitutional issues at stake, so it will be interesting to see if this one beats the odds with the Supreme Court, and is actually permitted to proceed.
UPDATE: The Wrotnowski suit was denied without comment by the SCOTUS.

December 15th, 2008
The Supreme Court orders denied Wrotnowski v. Bysiewicz application for staying the election as well as requesting that the Court would grant an injunction disallowing the Electoral College to hold its vote today until Barack Obama’s eligibility could be finally determined:


The application for stay and/or injunction addressed to Justice Scalia and referred to the Court is denied.

There are many other suits attempting to oust Obama. We’ll have to see if any of them get anywhere.

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