The news from Iran continues to be horrifying, as the unarmed populace of the country has become subjected to what many are calling a massacre. Reports are raw and unfiltered, and the media blackout is preventing us from verifying every story. Nonetheless, anonymous bloggers in Tehran reported yesterday that bus loads of protesters were stopped, unloaded from their buses by “black-clad police”, and literally herded. When the massing was sufficient, as a distraught Tehran caller to CNN described first hand, hundreds of the regime’s Basij thugs poured out of an adjoining mosque and commenced a massacre with axes, clubs, guns and gas.

Threats Watch details that:

From the live blogger’s eyewitness account:

>More than 10.000 Bassij Milittias get position in Central Tehran, including Baharestan Sq.
>Army Helycopters flying over Baharestan and Vali Asr Sq.
>The streets, squares and around BAHARESTAN (Approx. South-eastern of Tehran) is swarming with military forces, civilian forces, the security motorists
>The croud have moved to the south of baharestan, the situation is bad, the shooting has started
>In Baharestan Sq. in the Police shooting, A girl is shot and the police is not allowing to let them help
>In Baharestan we saw militia with axe choping people like meat – blood everywhere – like butcher

This is the Iranian regime, wading into its own unarmed people and axing them to death, bludgeoning women (seen as the greatest threat to the regime) and throwing them to their deaths from pedestrian bridges. The same Iranian regime whose embassy officials are invited to American embassies around the world to celebrate on July 4th, of all things, a successful revolution.

An unarmed people. This is the ultimate goal of the progressives in Washington who relentlessly press to dismantle our Second Amendment rights. Inch by inch, step by step, line by line. Baharestan Square could one day be the Mall in D.C. if we don’t quickly take our country back.

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