Iran has test-fired its long-range Shahab-3 missile. The launch comes just one day after Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards test-fired short and medium range missiles. Put that in your ciggy and smoke it, Barry.

The Shahab-3 has a range of up to 1,240 miles, potentially putting Israel and American bases in the Gulf within range. Iran is shortly due to hold key talks with major powers on its controversial nuclear program. Those talks, with the five UN Security Council members plus Germany, were given added urgency last week after Iran disclosed it was building a second uranium enrichment plant, despite the UN’s toothless demands that it cease its enrichment activities.

Barack Obama’s finger-wagging at Iraq during his big speech at the UN left out one key word: “Or.” It does no good to tell a regime “you can’t do this, you must stop doing this, we’ll be really mad at you if you don’t cease and desist, yada, yada, yada.” Impotent without the “or.” Like, “OR we will ACT and impose severe sanctions on you. OR, we will take out your weapons facilities. OR we will support the Iranian people in overthrowing the oppressive regime they labor under.”

Obama now expects Russia to join us in the finger-wagging, and he’d really like them to stop shipping arms and components to Iran. Remember, we threw the Czechs and the Poles under the bus for Russia by announcing we are removing our missile-defense shield.

Russians, unlike Obama, are chess-masters. They pocketed our rook and are headed for the king and queen. They have no intention of seriously cracking down on Iraq, or giving us anything for selling out Eastern Europe. Not even a lowly pawn.

Meanwhile, instead of keeping his ass in the White House and dealing with General Stanley McCrystal’s pleas for more troops for Afghanistan, Obama is headed to Copenhagen to plea for Chicago to get the Olympics. Obama knows jack about foreign policy or war strategy, so he’ll go make another campaign speech instead.

The slow boil of the American people is no more; it has grown into a fury which demands to be addressed, not toyed with and ignored.

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