Whether it’s a “public option”, or the term they’re currently using: “co-ops”, Screamin’ Howard Dean says that a government-run option WILL be in the health care bill. And, that the whole mess, including a “public option” will be passed. Why so confident, Howard?

Today Dean revealed from whence his comfort cometh: why, reconciliation…of course. Aahh. The permanent ace in the Democrats’ pockets. It’s the unconstitutional Congressional tactic which allows a simple majority vote, rather than the mandated 2/3 vote, to pass legislation.

On Joe Scarborough’s BSNBC show this morning, Dean laid it out like this:

JOE: Let me explain to people what you’re saying. The House is going to pass a version with a public option. The senate will pass a version without a public option. You get past the 60 votes. You go to reconciliation, you put the public option back in. And then you vote it on it and you only need 50 votes. And you get a public option.


JOE: Is that what you’re saying?

DEAN: Basically, yes.

Joe began to ponder this bit of info, and came to the conclusion Right Soup already anticipates:

After the interview, Joe looked around the table and mused:

JOE: Isn’t that something? That’s fascinating.

RON BROWNSTEIN: It’s political gamesmanship, right?

MIKA: Yeah.

JOE: The president sells it without the public option. Nancy Pelosi puts it back in and he ends up signing the bill. So they get what they want. We’ll see if it works.

Stay on your Representatives, and don’t believe lies from known liars. I know many of you are using and building “muscles” you’ve never used before…and you are getting stronger every day. Keep it up, you are NOT alone!

The March On Washington is September 12th. Many, many, many grassroots groups and individuals will be marching…and if you can make it, GO. Tea Party Nation has updates, news and “freedom train routes” so those who can’t go can cheer on those who are. Find a carpool!

TPN is the place to find your local events and rallies, and is a national social networking site for the freedom movement. It’s like Facebook for Patriots, (without the privacy invasions) and it’s growing like crazy. Come join us!

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