S.O.S. Hillary Clinton continued her gaffe-filled trip abroad today. After tripping up over diplomats’ names and historical facts (Democracy in the U.S. is NOT older than democracy in Europe), she offered her Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov, a green-wrapped box decorated with a bow and containing a mock red button that she meant to say “Reset”. (Conspiracy theorists perk up…)

“In anticipation of this important meeting and our time here together, I wanted to present you a little gift which represents what President Obama and Vice President Biden and I have been saying,” Clinton said as she handed over the box with a laugh at the start of their otherwise closed meeting in Geneva. “We want to reset our relationship.”

Hillary was beaming with pride, saying her peeps made sure the right Russian word was chosen for the button. “Did we get it right?” Er, no. The Ruskies were quick to correct La Clinton, letting her know that her button says “Overcharge” in Russian. Hillary backstroked quickly, saying “oh we’d never let you do that to us!”

Clinton’s staff promised to fix the error on the gift and said it would bear the correct Russian word by the time she and Lavrov give a media briefing later today. You KNOW somebody’s cankles got fired over this one.

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