UPDATE: It looks like somebody got to Glenn. Seriously. His eyes were as big as saucers as he backed off of this story this afternoon…saying that his “research wasn’t complete,” and that he’d report on it soon. He wanted to get off of the topic PRONTO. Of course there was the obligatory “I answer to no one but myself” CYA for the viewers. We shall see if the words “FEMA camp” ever come out of Mr. Beck’s mouth again. Honestly, I have never seen Glenn Beck back off of any story before. I don’t know if the camps are real or not, but for Beck just to quickly brush the topic aside after his big preview this morning smells pretty fishy. Maybe this will help with the research project.

The subjects of “FEMA prisons“, and “FEMA camps” have floated in the blogosphere since 9/11, with much speculation on whether they actually exist, and, if so, what is their purpose? The consensus of those who believe, is that our government has 600+ camps/prisons ready for Americans during a time of declared martial law. Some think they might be used in the event of a mass exodus from Mexico for Mexicans trying to escape the drug cartels. Some think they are for dissenters.

It is said that many of the camps are on military bases, or in remote areas. That they are fully staffed already, but empty. There are lots of debunkers out there, but there are a lot who claim,(with locations), that they definitely exist. The subject has been relegated to the “fringe”; the mainstream media and the government have been silent on the subject. Until today.

This morning, Glenn Beck spoke of what has previously been unspoken on TV…that he hasn’t been able to debunk the rumors, and we are headed towards a totalitarian state if something doesn’t change NOW. Starts around 2:00 mark on the clip. He’s going to carry the story tonight on his show; Fox News at 5pm ET. I will certainly be watching. Now why would FEMA put out this release today?! We live in pivotal times, my friends.

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