Tomorrow is Tax Day, and more importantly, it’s Tax Day Tea Party day. As you may know, ACORN, The Huffington Post and many other left-wing orgs have been openly recruiting opposition infiltrators for months. Get ready. Do not allow them to turn your local tea party into fodder to be used by Homeland Security against you.

The Tea Parties are about vigorous, angry, but peaceful protests. If anyone starts acting up at your tea party…shut them down. Shout ’em out with something appropriate like “ACORN SUCKS UP OUR BUCKS”, or other pithy little ditties that come to mind. Do not tolerate any racist, misogynist or other such behavior, because it’s likely that the person causing the trouble is NOT aligned with our causes. Fully expect to be infiltrated and to have attempts to paint your protest in a bad light. There are plenty in the lefty media who would love to go LIVE to some caca hitting the fan at your event. Don’t let this happen!

Keep an eye out, because your tea party is a terrible thing to waste.

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