UPDATE UPDATE: ACORN caught again, this time in D.C. Same story, different city. Same criminal organization.

UPDATE: ACORN has quickly changed its tune…and has fired its two employees involved in this outrage. It took about 6 hours for ACORN to go from saying they were scammed, till their employees got canned. Hard to argue with such massive evidence! As you read and watch, remember that this is the group that will be CONDUCTING OUR CENSUS.

What an explosive, outrageous sting! Obama’s fraud-buddies at ACORN have been caught in another MAJOR scandal…this time, advising an undercover journalist on how to scam tax dollars to fund a house of prostitution! Shockingly, ACORN is told flat-out that the girls will be turning tricks and are underage! That there will be 13 more young girls illegally trafficked in from El Salvador to work! Who are under 16 years old!!

ACORN’S advice? Train them to keep their mouths shut. Treat them as dependents for tax purposes and don’t report their income. We’ll teach you how to scam the system and build the brothel of your dreams.

One of the “prostitutes” is even in the ROOM–she interacts with the ACORN employee who encourages her in her “profession.” Because ACORN is all about the self-esteem. And tax fraud. And has absolutely NO problems with criminal enterprises. Like prostitution and sex slavery. Incredible.

This is the group that Obama said he’d call in to help “shape the agenda” of his presidency. Comforting, no? No mention of this story on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, The New York Times and on, on and on.

When will the criminals of ACORN be shut down???

The story was first broken by Andrew Breitbart, and was picked up by Fox this morning. ACORN has stated that this is all a lie. REALLY? Kinda hard to dispute the video evidence. Read the entire saga here, and see the complete transcript and full documentation!

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