It’s coming…and, just like most everything with the current House of Representatives, it’s coming in a hurry. Dictator Obama has decreed that he wants a health care plan passed YESTERDAY, (and at least by the end of August) and Pelosi and Co. are scrambling to comply. All that remains is the revelation of the beast.

The Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee is attempting to complete markups and actions on its bill by today. The Senate Finance committee, however, has yet to finish its work. Rest assured that no matter WHAT form the beast finally takes, huge tax hikes are coming to pay for the folly.

CQ Politics details that:

House Democrats will introduce their full healthcare reform bill Tuesday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said Monday while acknowledging she has much work left to do to win over members of her own caucus.

“We’re still on schedule. We have plans to vote for this legislation before we leave for the August recess,” Pelosi said at a news conference. Pelosi said, however, that the bill to be unveiled would have to undergo further changes during committee markup to garner enough support among Democrats. “It is just the beginning,” she said.

“It won’t be the finished product,” Pelosi said. “In order for us to be on schedule, we have to roll out legislation this week.”

But even a Tuesday introduction, to be followed by possible committee action beginning before week’s end, represents a slight setback to the House Democratic leadership’s ambitious goal of passing a healthcare reform bill before the lower chamber departs for its summer recess on July 31.

House Democrats were supposed to introduce a complete draft of the bill on Friday but postponed their plans amid a furor raised by centrist Democrats, who offered Pelosi and the chairmen a list of complaints, including that the measure did not go far enough to reduce the cost of healthcare.

You know what I don’t hear in the debate on healthcare? Cost disclosure to the patient. In any other industry, the client normally knows the cost of the service before the service is given. Our healthcare system has a byzantine cost structure that is really NO structure at all. The same services will have wildly varying costs depending upon what “box” the patient is in: Medicare, HMO, private insurance, no insurance…and virtually none of it is disclosed to the patient beforehand.

Put the prices on the menu, and make the prices the same for everyone. Just a small suggestion, a small common sense step. While you’re waiting for this improbability to happen, you may want to bone up on your “survival medicine” with the fabulous Ditch Medicine below. Seriously. Print it out.

Ditch Medicine – Advanced Field Procedures For Emergencies (1993)

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