I am happy to report to the Right Soup that I was WRONG! As you know, Green Czar Van Jones resigned yesterday, after a firestorm of controversy swept through conservative media– and the drumbeat for him to go became too loud to ignore. The rest of the mainstream media– including the New York Times, CNN, MSNBC and ABC, had been silent on the Van issue. His leaving is now being spun by them as happening because Van called Republicans “assholes.” (The GOP has been called MUCH worse, so anyone who buys this load is deluded.)

MSNBC’s shrill lefty-shill Keith Olbermann is calling for his tiny group of followers to send him “dirt” on czar-nemesis Glenn Beck as revenge. Keith will be setting up an email address Tuesday for dirt-diggers to use. Ha! We’ll post it when we see it so you can drop him a note or 50.

Van, the self-avowed communist, racist and 9-11 “truther” crept quietly out of the West Wing late Saturday night. No parting apologies…he blames his downfall on a “smear campaign.” Right. Google “Van Jones Video” and see the scum that rises to the top of the pond…straight out of Van’s own mouth. Obama, natch, has been silent on the whole mess. Sadly, Barry is wasting no time in filling Van’s spot; he’s set to appoint Ron Bloom today. Ron has already been hanging around the White House helping Obama take over the auto industry.

There are still 30-plus Czars left in the Obama administration, and plenty who are at least as controversial as Van Jones. “Science Czar” John Holdren is on record as favoring forced abortions and putting sterilization in the water supply. Mark Lloyd, the “Diversity Czar” plans to implement a form of the fairness doctrine (with a new name, of course.) “Regulatory Czar” Cass Sundstein favors harvesting your organs without your consent. NONE of these guys have filled out Obama’s much-publicized 7-page questionnaire, which was to be required from those joining his staff.

We will keep the heat on, as the power-grab by the executive branch is outrageous. It’s obvious the vetting process is pretty much nil– and, more importantly, the czars are unconstitutional. Keep making noise!

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