I’m not kidding… as “Cash For Clunkers” mercifully ends (for now), a new Federal economic sector-tinkering program is set to kick in shortly courtesy of Porkulus (the stimulus bill.) This one is going to give participants rebate bucks for buying new, more energy-efficient appliances. From $50-200 can be yours…AND there will be no fridge mutilation and murder like C4C demanded for cars. Sorry, youtube lovers!

Have you ever submitted timely rebate applications, with the required paperwork, and the check never came? It’s happened to me too. Companies count on people not following up, and if you’ve dotted an “i” wrong on the submission–fugghitaboutit.

This is how I imagine many car dealers feel right now, as they wait on Uncle Sam to reimburse the billions of C4C bucks they’ve fronted to America. Some barely have the cash-flow to keep their doors open, because this is a government scheme which operates exactly like government schemes do; it’s a red-taped, bureaucratic nightmare.

That won’t keep the government from executing a plan to get into your kitchen–the 300 million-dollar charge is already on our credit card. Set aside for a moment the obvious lunacy of financing American appliance-purchasing via China. How many of you think it will be easy to get your rebate? Check with the auto dealers before you answer.

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