The corruption of ACORN knows no depths. Today, we have ANOTHER ACORN office, on secret videotape, advising an undercover pimp and prostitute on how to scam the government out of tax revenue. Advice on how to run a sex slavery operation with young girls trafficked in from overseas. Again. UNBELIEVABLE.

The same journalists who broke the story yesterday out of Baltimore took a trip to Washington, D.C. afterward…and had the SAME RESULTS.

Why is ACORN not disbanded? Any prosecutor worth his salt could win a RICO suit against them. It is time that their protection from the powers that be END. Prosecute these criminals, and bust up their operation just like the mob. Because that’s what they are, THE MOB. Fox will be breaking a story, possibly today, with evidence of ACORN’s corruption at its highest levels.

Watch, and then get mad. Then… demand Federal prosecution of ACORN. Call your Representatives and tell them YOU HAVE HAD IT.


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