Right Soup’s good friend Lan Lamphere on Overnight AM has Andrew Walden, editor of the Hawaii Free Press with huge news about Barack Obama and his REAL heritage. Walden has been researching Obama literally for years. Some of the most thorough research that has EVER been done on Barack. www.usasurvival.org is where you can read more of Andrew’s in-depth findings.

There is SHOCKING information about Barack’s beloved Frank Marshall Davis (pornographer!), Obama’s parents and grandparents…his whole backstory including his deep lifelong connections to the Communists in Hawaii.


Hawaiifreepress.com is the paper Walden edits, and it has the story of Obama, the red-diaper baby, his mother Anne Dunham’s communist buddies and more. A must listen tonight at the LISTEN HERE NOW link above, and a must-read as well. This guy has done his homework BIG time.

And our buddy Lan is SO dang popular he can’t buy servers fast enough! 10 ET, 9 CT is when you can hear Lan live every night. Ron Paul will be a guest tonight as well, and the program will repeat. So tune in, ya crazy insomniacs! I know you’re just watching that election countdown clock on the right anyways.

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